Last year we engaged the professional services of Georgia Primar and she delivered much, much, more than we could have expected. Her experience, creativity and persistance seemed effortless in the hunt for our home and later sale. This year we called on Georgia’s professionalism and experience for another home sale. Once again Georgia preformed beyond expectations. She is extremely devoted to her clients, is very hands on throughout the process and does everything possible to make the situation as low stress as possible. Of course her wicked sense of humour doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks Georgia. We are proud to recommend your services to anyone and everyone.

Pam and Jim

Working Collaborativelly with her Clients is how Georgia Primar approaches her Real Estate Career. With today’s market, twisting and turning so radically, Georgia has shared her insitinctive knowledge on what’s perfect for the market. I have had great success with all 6 of my transactions because of her value in the market place. Do not hesitate, Georgia will make it happen…..Trust Me!


Self Professed Renovator and Home Lover